Building and Renovations Taking Place

There has been tremendous progress in the conversion of the Walmer Country Club to Stedin College and Primary. Just a walk-through makes one imagine what a beautiful campus we will have. In a mere three weeks, walls have been demolished, other walls erected and spaces created for new classrooms, offices and a spacious hall. The asbestos roofing has been removed and the process of installing a new roof is taking place.

The sounds of generators, heavy construction vehicles, hammering and of concrete being mixed fill the air. Construction workers climb scaffolding to lay bricks to build new walls and entrances. There is a hive of activity as the ideas and visions of the architects and developers start to take shape. The teaching spaces will be spacious and modern. All that is needed is the voices, laughter and sounds of children and teachers promoting quality education in this beautiful space. That will happen in the near future.

Author: Mr Mark Fletcher (Founding Principal)


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